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Record Store Day 2010 at Good Records

Edited with Final Cut Pro.

Animated Music Video Intro

Pencil on paper, animated with Flipbook.

Hand Animated Lip Sync

Pencil on paper, animated with Flipbook.

Coffee Shop in the Day Coffee Shop at Night
Underwater City Underwater City
Rock and Reach Pencils and Cards
Thanks for dropping by and looking at my portfolio! I love diversity. From web design to video production to photography, I've gained experience in a variety of areas. My work with small companies and education at the University of Texas at Dallas has allowed me to become experienced in an array of media. I'm adept with the Adobe Creative Suite and comfortable with most major software suites, including Autodesk Maya and Final Cut Pro, as well as both Mac and PC environments.

If you're interested, you can download my resume here (PDF).